About Dog Groomers – by Jenny Behrends, The Paw Spa, Anamosa, Iowa

A professional dog groomer takes pride in her trade. People often wonder why having a pet groomed is such an important and necessary part of pet ownership these days. A well-groomed pet is a happy pet. A well-groomed pet greatly contributes to the happiness of the entire family. A well-groomed pet is a joy to welcome into our homes. Over the years, dog grooming has become more and more popular as families learn the many benefits of having their pet professionally groomed.

For the love of dogs, I own and operate The Paw Spa in Anamosa, Iowa. My business is located inside The Pet Place Lodging at 23356 Fairview Road, Anamosa. I have a degree in pet grooming from Kirkwood Community College. I take great care in understanding everything I can about this wonderful and rewarding industry.

So what is dog grooming anyway?

At its most basic, dog grooming is hygienic cleaning. Much more than a common bath, it is a process of knowing where and how and what to clean and cut to help your pet stay hygienic. When pets live inside the house, this is absolutely essential for the health and well-being of the family. Beyond hygienic cleaning, a well-groomed dog simply looks more inviting to pet, which contributes to greater happiness, mental health, and longer life.

All breeds should be groomed daily, but some breeds require more or less grooming than others. Shedding breeds (golden retrievers) versus non-shedding breeds (poodles) require grooming at different intervals. For non-shedding breeds, professional grooming should be done more frequently.

During the process of hygienic cleaning, professional dog groomers will often discover overlooked issues such as cuts, swelling, lameness, infestations, and other indicators of illness. Removing excess fur can help manage and control the wild habitats most preferred by external parasites such as ticks and flees.

Do not forget nail trimming! Untrimmed nails lead to several issues, not only inside the home (such as damage to hardwood floors) but also with a dog’s toes. Developmental problems can emerge as nails are allowed to curl over. If not trimmed monthly, the quick will grow with the nail, making trimming increasingly difficult. Worse for your dog, untrimmed nails often create pain in your dog’s toes while walking–hardly helpful to their joy of living the good life.

When pet owners use professional dog groomers, the rewards are many. Improved appearance is just one of the benefits. Quality of life for the whole family is enhanced. Stress in grooming is reduced. Time is saved. Happiness is elevated.

When you hire a professional groomer, you can trust the care of your beloved pet to someone with the tools, the knowledge, and the motivation to make your pet’s–and your family’s–life better.

Thank you for learning about dog groomers. Please call me with any questions.

Jenny Behrends
The Paw Spa

23356 Fairview Road, Anamosa, Iowa





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